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4 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Crane

4 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Crane

Before Renting a Crane

Sometimes, the ability to complete high-quality work comes down to having the perfect tool for the job. When you’re looking to keep crane hire costs in Illinois in check, getting the right crane for your job on the first try is essential. Ask yourself these questions before getting started.

1. Weight: How Much Needs to Be Lifted?

The maximum weight of a crane is far from a suggestion; in fact, pushing the limit can result in a very serious accident. Get accurate weights for the materials you will lift on site, and then select a crane that can bear the heaviest load.

2. Height: How High Does the Load Need to Go?

The crane you pick out will only be able to reach a certain height for work or lifting. If you’re working many stories up on a building, it’s important to measure the height correctly before placing a rental.

3. Terrain: What Does the Job Site Look Like?

If you’ll be conducting work from a smooth, paved surface, a regular truck crane or telehandler will probably handle the job; if you’re dealing with earth, gravel, or uneven terrain, it’s time to consider a more rugged option.

4. Access: Where Does the Crane Need to Travel?

Will you have easy access to the site from the road, or will off-roading be necessary? Will there be obstructions? Visit the site ahead of time, view it from satellite imaging, or collect intel about the access point another way.

Affordable Crane Hire Costs in Illinois

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