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How Are Construction Cranes Built

A mobile construction crane on a worksite.

Cranes are essential tools that help lift and move heavy materials on construction projects. There are countless types of cranes today: tower cranes, mobile cranes, rough-terrain cranes, etc. It makes you wonder, how are these machines built?

This blog takes you through the process from foundation to assembly.


Building construction cranes first requires a strong foundation, anchoring deep into the ground to create a sturdy base. Manufacturers dig a deep hole and pour concrete to ensure stability. This foundation provides the crane with the support it needs to handle heavy loads.

Assembling the Mast

Then, crews assemble the vertical structure of a crane, known as the mast, piece by piece on-site. These sections typically use durable steel. The height of the mast determines how high the crane can reach, making it an integral part of the machine’s design.

Boom Construction

Next comes the boom: the horizontal arm extending from the mast that lifts and moves materials. The boom, typically made from steel, comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on the crane’s purpose.


Manufacturers must add counterweights to prevent the crane from tipping over while lifting heavy loads. Placing these weights requires careful calculation for the crane to maintain balance and safety during operation. Crane builds with tower sections further use counter jibs to support the counterweight balance.

Assembly, Testing, and Inspection

Skilled technicians assemble the crane components meticulously. They must perform thorough testing to ensure the crane operates smoothly. After passing these tests, the crane undergoes a final inspection to ensure safety and quality standards.

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