How to Size Your Crane Rental? | How To Get The Right Crane?


How to Size Your Crane Rental

Job Site Crane Hazards

It takes a lot of planning to safely move heavy equipment on a busy construction site. If you don’t have the right type of crane, your construction project could be delayed a day or more. However, with a little foresight and some expert advice, heavy lifts should go off without a hitch.

This article will give you a general idea of how to pick the right crane for the job. But you should always consult a professional before renting a crane. Selecting the perfect model involves far more than we could summarize in a short blog post. And moving heavy loads with the wrong equipment risks the safety of your crew and the job.

Weight and Reach

In an earlier blog, we covered a few basic questions to ask before renting a crane. These questions covered, weight and height of the lift as well as the condition and location of the job site. Today we’re going to expand on those first two points since we’re discussing the size of cranes rather than the different types.

Every crane is rated for a precise lifting capacity. But unlike most items with a weight capacity, like a bathroom scale or an elevator, a crane’s capacity isn’t a single number. Instead, load charts detail the capabilities of every model based on the positioning of the load. The boom length and height often change throughout a lift, affecting the force the load exerts on the crane.

Think of lifting a small dumbbell, or even a shopping bag. You probably won’t even notice the weight while holding them on the side of your body. But if you extend your arm straight out from your chest, a couple pounds starts to feel like a ton faster than you might imagine. A crane’s load chart takes this into account, providing ratings for various load radiuses, boom lengths, and positions.

That’s why sizing your crane rental isn’t as simple as selecting a truck to haul a heavy load. It’s also why we create 3D lift plans before operating a crane, ensuring that every detail has been considered. Doing so keeps job sites safe and allows us to complete the task at hand quickly and efficiently.

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