What to Know About the Cost of Crane Rentals | Pricing Factors of Crane Rental


What to Know About the Cost of Crane Rentals

Renting a crane has considerable advantages over buying one. There’s less capital investment, more flexibility for your project, and no maintenance or storage costs. Still, if you need to rent a crane or other heavy machinery for your project, you may not know how much it will cost. Check out these tips to learn the cost of crane rentals and the factors that affect it.

Crane Rental Pricing Factors

Given the vast differences in service projects, there is no specific cost for renting cranes and heavy machinery. However, various factors play a role in the overall cost, such as

  • Project Scope: Renting a crane depends on the project at hand. Some projects are small and only need a one-time lift or transport. In other cases, like with large-scale construction projects, cranes may need serious lifting capacity.
  • Duration: Relatedly, some projects last for only a day or two, while others may last months.
  • Type of Crane: Costs can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands depending on the type of crane you need. Smaller cranes, like truck cranes, offer more portability and versatility on the job site. However, large cranes, like all-terrain cranes, are bulkier and require more set-up time. However, they offer considerably more carrying capacity and boom length.

While it’s tricky to pinpoint exact numbers due to the relativity of the project and the type of crane you need, you can determine the average crane rental rates based on these factors.

Cranes building money.
3d illustration of two cranes building 100 dollars

Rough Average Costs

Additionally, determining the average rental costs of small and large cranes depends on other variables, like

  • Delivery
  • Set-up and tear-down
  • Permits
  • Operation
  • Overtime fees

There is no average cost for crane rentals given project variation and duration. However, our Project Management Team is happy to discuss with you various rates and payment options to save you more money on longer rentals. Additionally, if you need skilled crane operators, field personnel, and safety managers, these factors also feed into the cost.

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