Understanding Rough Terrain Cranes vs. All-Terrain Cranes


Rough Terrain Cranes vs. All-Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes vs all terrain cranes.

Many people seeking crane rental services in Illinois find the differences between rough terrain cranes vs all-terrain cranes difficult to distinguish. It’s a common misconception that ‘all-terrain’ cranes eliminate the need for any other type of crane. To be fair, the name does seem to imply it. However, there are many reasons why a project manager will select a rough terrain crane over an all-terrain crane, and vice versa.

When to Choose Rough Terrain

What is a rough terrain crane? A rough terrain crane is specially designed to be easily maneuverable over, you guessed it, rough terrain. This can include areas like new construction sites, rocky land, and other uneven surfaces.

Not only are rough terrain models highly maneuverable, they’re also typically smaller in size compared to other crane types. As a result, they can be easily operated within confined spaces and on small job sites.

Rough terrain cranes come with a sturdy body and are mounted on a four-wheel undercarriage. The base and wheels are wide, and the wheels are taller than those of other crane varieties.

With a wide center of gravity, all-wheel drive, and power steering, rough terrain cranes offer impressive handling over uneven ground. These cranes are built with a single engine, resulting in a lighter overall weight compared to all-terrain vehicles.

Rough terrain cranes are not road-ready and need to be transported to project sites.

The Advantages of All-Terrain

Unlike rough terrain vehicles, all-terrain cranes can be driven on public roads. All-terrain models are typically heavier because they are built with 6-10 rubber wheels. Therefore, they offer increased lifting capacity for heavy loads.

They are highly maneuverable over rugged terrain and can be configured to reach significantly greater heights than a rough terrain vehicle.

Some all-terrain models do require outrigger support.

The Bottom Line

So, which is right for you? Deciding between an all-terrain crane vs a rough terrain crane rental near Illinois can be difficult. Working with a qualified crane professional can help you determine which is best for your project from a practical, economical, and safety standpoint.

Some of the factors to weigh when making a decision include:

  • Maximum lift required

  • Project budget

  • Maximum load weight

  • Terrain features at the work site

  • Transportation logistics

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