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Brookdale Senior Living Chiller Replacement with Daikin Applied

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It takes a village to raise a child. That’s what they say.

But nobody ever talks about what it takes to raise a 9,000 lb chiller to the penthouse level of a 35-story senior living facility adjacent to a Hospital over the weekend on Lake Shore Drive.

How does that work? Let’s break it down.

Step 1: The Client

Brookdale Senior Living, located at 2960 N. Lake Shore Drive, is Chicago’s premier assisted and independent living facility.  Overlooking Lake Michigan, the amenity-filled complex brings new life to the community, giving residents access to hobbies and interests with around the clock activities and care.

Step 2:  The Opportunity

The Brookdale mechanical engineering team identify inefficiency, poor performance, and loss of capital in the facility’s mechanical equipment and seeks out bid proposals for a chiller upgrade.

Step 3: The Risk

Brookdale Senior Living’s Chiller Replacement leans heavily on the crane vendor’s experience and reputation.  If successful, the project will be complete in less than 72 hours. If not, the size and scope of the project will compound costs for entire remobilizations of all parties involved.

Step 4: The Site Walk

La Grange Crane is brought to the jobsite by multiple mechanical contractors to budget the crane required to hoist the replacement mechanical equipment to the roof at an elevation of 400 feet.

Step 5: The Proposal

Shut down Lake Shore Drive on Friday night and build La Grange Crane’s 550 Ton Crane with Mega Wing and luffing jib extension to hoist the new chiller on Saturday morning before breaking down on Sunday.

A jobsite’s unique characteristics can alter or interfere with a successful lift plan.  La Grange Crane identifies the plot points that keep customer’s trust intact.

Overlooked by competitors, La Grange Crane’s proposal includes jobsite constraints that could alter or interfere with a successful lift plan.

Crane Placement Diagram with Corresponding 3D Lift Plans

  • GPR services for crane placement
  • CDOT Permit Procurement
  • Power line removal
  • Presence Saint Joseph Hospital approval
  • Emergency Vehicle Impact plan

Step 6: The Award

The Brookdale Senior Living Chiller Replacement project is awarded to Daikin Applied. With annual revenue in excess of 20 Billion and over 67,000 employees, Daikin is one of the most respected brands in the mechanical industry.  The supplier of the new chiller and equipment also oversees the execution of the replacement project.

Step 7: The Team

Daikin, a global company, strategically builds a project plan delegating SOWs to smaller teams.  Daikin brings in long-time La Grange Crane Partner, Stanton Mechanical of Elk Grove Village for the mechanical installation.  La Grange Crane calls on long-time partner Meade Electric to assist in power line removal and reinstallation.

Step 8: The Reward

When every step of a project is given the time and attention that is warranted and deserved, the final step is a breeze.

La Grange Crane Service’s Crane Confirmation ties in a village –size team with over a years worth of project documentation and communication.  When multi-faceted teams from different trades are bound together by the arrival and departure of a 550 Ton Crane, La Grange provides a streamlined channel of communication right down to the La Grange Crane Operator.

So, when they ask, what does it takes to raise a 9,000 lb chiller to the penthouse level of a 35-story senior living facility adjacent to a Hospital over the weekend on Lake Shore Drive?

Let them know, it takes a village.

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