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Telecommunications with MasTec

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MasTec Network Solutions

The Telecommunication industry is on the verge of revolutionizing our world and market over the next several years with 5G.

The 5th Generation Mobile Network promises to improve network speed, reach, and reliability.  A key-characteristic of 5G is its readiness for technologies yet unknown.  IoT, or the Internet of Things, is growing by the hour. From watches to thermostats, garage doors and refrigerators, experts say it is only a mere matter of years before our lives are fully integrated with the internet.

5G networks will put telecom companies to the test. The national rollout is projected to add 22.3 million jobs and increase GDP by $2.1 trillion dollars by 2035. With so many moving parts, equipment rental needs to be economical, streamlined, and safe.

MasTec Network Solutions is a global presence in telecom construction industry. With regions and divisions carving up the United States, La Grange Crane is MasTec’s exclusive equipment provider in the Midwest.

Keeping MasTec’s clients’ networks up and running is an around-the-clock responsibility.  Tens of millions of consumers rely on network connectivity from their service providers.  Maintaining current structures, improving ageing towers, and introducing new cell sites is a juggling act only fit for professionals.

5th Generation Mobile Network

MasTec’s Dan Dellaria, Vice President/ General Manager – Midwest Division, elected to consolidate his team’s equipment needs with La Grange based on shared visions and values.

  • Excellence
    • MasTec uses technology to innovate and we are zealots about improving our operations.
  • Value-added
    • MasTec focuses attention on adding value for customers and they protect their interest- their success is shared success.
  • Safety
    • Zero accidents are MasTec’s unwavering goal— people’s lives depend on it.

Through several industry-leading technologies such as ‘Crane Confirmations’ and ‘Certs & Alerts’, Dellaria’s team receives the same quality crane service and safety documentation on time, every time.

La Grange Crane is but one bowling pin in the telecom juggling act, but Mastec knows how to keep it all up in the air.

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