The Most Common Crane Hazards To Look Out For On Your Job Site


Safety First: Avoid These Job Site Crane Hazards

Job Site Crane Hazards

Without the help of high-powered cranes, certain tasks would be immensely challenging—if not impossible—and likely a lot more dangerous. Though cranes can make work in construction, manufacturing, and other industries easier and safer, there are still many hazards to look out for. It’s in everyone’s best interest that certified operators continue to refresh their safety knowledge. Today, we’ll name three of the most common crane hazards to look out for on your job site.


When it comes to moving heavy materials, the last thing you want is for those materials to fall from above. There are many reasons why this can happen on an otherwise safe jobsite, including mechanical failure, impaired visibility, improper rigging, and operator incompetence. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of poor timing. While some of these causes may be unpreventable, some of them definitely are. It’s important to check these points each and every time you plan a lift—and head them off with appropriate solutions.


Qualified users know that a great deal of time needs to be spent inspecting, testing, maintaining, and repairing a crane in order for it to be reliably safe to use. If you own a crane, it’s your duty to ensure that professional inspections and maintenance are conducted to the highest standards. Those who seek out portable crane rentals in Chicago should ensure that the company they are dealing with is reputable, and that all necessary paperwork checks out.


According to OSHA stats, a majority of crane accidents are caused by operators and teams who disregard the limitations of their machinery. While it may be tempting to hoist just a little more than is specified—saving your team time and money—this can result in extreme, harrowing consequences not worth either. Before getting started, double check the limits on your crane and the weight of the materials in question. Additionally, operators should exercise caution when moving the crane so as to avoid unnecessary swinging, dragging, or sudden drops.


La Grange Crane is an industry-leading crane service company based in Chicago, IL. We enlist professional inspectors and maintenance personnel to keep our fleet running in top condition. With many years in the business, we understand the priorities of site managers and always work to make the rental process as easy as possible—so you can get to work, safely. Contact us today with your questions.