Crane Rental Near Chicago


Telecommunications with MasTec

La Granges 350 Ton Crane and Operator Tim Cahill travel 160 miles to team up with Darcy Boyles and MasTec Network Solutions for back-to-back cell sites.  The 297’ towers require boom extensions and hydraulic luffing jib to safety raise a team of two over the tallest structure in Cisco, IL.  Take a glimpse into the daily life of telecommunications with a bird’s eye view. 

Historic Macy’s with Atomatic Mechanical 

La Grange Crane works alongside Atomatic Mechanical Services to overcome one of the most jaw-dropping crane lifts in Chicago’s History.  With Clayco Construction presiding over the Macy’s Flagship renovation project, the scope of work aims to convert the top levels of the historic Marshall Field and Company Building to commercial office-space.  See how contractors come together to deliver innovative mechanical solutions over 220’ above the Windy City skyline. 

The Adler Planetarium 

La Grange Crane partners with The Adler Planetarium for a once-in-a-generation crane lift.  Though the high-profile project only requires the lifting capability of a 30 Ton Boom Truck, La Grange Crane provides the same levels of safety and service commonly attributed to critical lifts.  Supreme project management and customer communication pay off in one of the most rewarding projects of the year.

5050 N. Broadway with Pepper Construction

La Grange Crane utilizes an entire fleet of cranes through several mobilizations at Uptown’s latest apartment conversion development.   As Pepper Construction converts the commercial ‘Combined Insurance Building’ into swanky residential complex ‘The Draper,’ multiple trades leverage La Grange Crane’s technology and project management experience to keep the tower crane-free project safe, in motion, and delivered on time.

Brookdale Senior Living Chiller Replacement with Daikin Applied 

La Grange Crane shuts down Lake Shore Drive with a fully built 550 Ton Crane with Daikin Applied.  The intense operation required engineering, street closure permits, and traffic control.  To get the green light, the Brookdale Senior Living board of trustees and local hospitals reviewed and approved a perfect pick plan that kept residents, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles safe.  Crews worked around the clock over the weekend with over 10,000 lbs of mechanical equipment dangling 400’above the Chicago skyline. 

The Illinois Tollway with Herlihy

Two La Grange Cranes shut down Interstate 294 in fifteen-minute intervals to demo and erect the 159th Street Interchange with Herlihy Mid-Continent. The capital improvement project is part of Move Illinois: The Illinois Tollway Driving The future, a decade in-progress initiative pouring over $14 billion into Illinois’ 294-mile-long tollway. Months of planning, preparation, and practice proved vital in an expertly executed tandem crane pick opening the door to increased traffic capacity, safe and convenient travel for Tollway customers.

30 E. Adams with Premier Mechanical

La Grange Crane shuts down a main arterial street downtown in the Loop with Premier Mechanical.  A team of seven build the 550 Ton Crane overnight for a strict 6:00 AM hook time.  The crane is expertly positioned to set the entire Roof Mechanical Plan, 195’ off the ground, in a single location with only feet to spare in all four directions.  See the lift planning it takes over the course of months to make this construction challenge a walk in the park.

UIC Student Housing with Area Erectors 

La Grange Crane partners with expert structural steel contractor Area Erectors to construct the University of Illinois at Chicago’s new Student Housing and Academic Building.  The three-phase steel erection plan called for distinct crane placement to hoist 18,000 lb steel beams from 150′ away while maintaining the entire installation schedule and sequence.  A two-month long project condensed to 60 seconds shows the feat in its’ entirety. 

Building Bridges with Dunnet Bay 

La Grange Crane crosses the Indiana Border with Heavy Highway contractor, Dunnet Bay.  550 & 350 Ton Cranes line up opposite the Indianapolis Blvd Bridge to demo and install new 61,000 lbs concrete beams.  Below the bridge, active Grand Trunk Western Railroad conductors standby and wait for the All-Clear signal to advance.  The project serves as a starting point for La Grange Crane as Indiana’s newest WBE Certified contractor. 

Floating Downstream with River Docks 

La Grange Crane and crew board a floating barge with a 550 Ton Crane for a ride down the Illinois River.  Mertel Gravel Company looked to improve their generationsold facility with the installation of a new 110,000 lb Material Handling Machine.  An otherwise simple crane lift on dry land, La Grange Crane and River Docks put their heads together to keep this project afloat. 

Dueling Cranes with Copenhaver 

La Grange sends two fully loaded mega machines off path to hoist a 120,000 lb steel bridge from opposite sides of the Calumet River.  The publicly funded project was headed by Copenhaver Construction and required a little extra support from an Ozinga barge and a 700horsepower tugboat.  Eighteen months of project planning culminated in a perfect tandem crane pick that you need to see to believe. 

Flipping Panel with ATMI Precast

La Grange Crane squeezes a 550 Ton Crane inside the new McCormick YMCA to erect 360 degrees of precast concrete wall panel. The 9.4 million dollar expansion brings a new Aquatic Center to Chicago residents. Optimum crane placement and a constant flow of 50,000 lbs panel bring the 13,000 sqft building out of the ground in days on a quiet residential street.

AHU Replacement With Mechanical Inc

La Grange Crane shuts down Taylor Street with 550 and 350 Ton Cranes for multiple mobilizations to hoist dozens of mechanical units in the Illinois Medical District. The AHU replacements are a portion of a year long Mechanical Inc project to improve the hospital’s HVAC system. Meticulous crane logistics, project planning, and collaboration were necessary to thread the needle on premium time while keeping the Chicago’s busiest hospital fully operational.

Street Engineering with Standard Cartage

La Grange Crane meticulously places a 350 Ton Crane on Upper Wacker Drive to hoist HVAC equipment through a 195’ high louver in Chicago’s prominent business district. The boilers and pipe are being utilized by Hayes Mechanical for upgrades to the 15th story mechanical room of the skyscraper alongside the Chicago River. Special CDOT privileges, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and shoring were required to safely position the crane alongside the Chicago River.

Rosemont Stormtrap with Dimeo Bros

La Grange Crane parks a 275 Ton Crane next to O’Hare International Airport to install hundreds of precast concrete StormTraps. The underground water detention system is utilized to manage and control the volumes of water as the area undergoes major redevelopment. The underground excavation work by DiMeo Bros is the first chapter of major construction west of I-294 & Balmoral Avenue that will soon be home to a new ballpark, restaurants, and hotel.

Illinois Tollway “Smart Corridor” with Meade Electric

La Grange Crane’s 300 Ton Crane shuts down the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway within a 30 minute window to erect a new state-of-the-art digital message board. The Meade Electric project is part of a nation wide testing program aimed at reducing congestion by pooling commuter data. The new digital message boards will alert drivers of upcoming lane closures, traffic patterns, and optimized speeds. The futuristic highway plan is slated for completion in Spring of 2017.

Christmas In Millenium Park

La Grange Crane’s 165 Ton Crane ushers in Christmas in Chicago by setting the official Christmas Tree of 2016 in Millennium Park.  The 103rd tree lighting ceremony marks the official start of the holiday season in Chicago.  This year’s tree was selected between hundreds of submissions and donated by the Scholla Family of Wauconda, Illinois.  With assistance from Brightview Landscapes, the 69 foot tall Norway Spruce marks the center of everything Christmas in Chicago.

United Center Office Building and Atrium with McHugh Construction & AMS Mechanical

La Grange Crane sends a 550 Ton Crane with full Luffer and Mega Wing to hoist over 50,000 lbs on the roof of The United Center’s new state of the art business facility. The new glass glazed facade will house Bulls, Blackhawks, and United Center staff. The design also features a 10,000 square-foot atrium with retail space connecting to the existing Stadium. The project is headed by General Contractor James McHugh Construction and subcontracted through AMS Mechanical Systems. The Facility is slated for completion Spring of 2017 with much of the exterior ready for opening season.

3218 North Clark Street with Clark Construction

We sent La Grange Crane’s 300 Ton Crane 3218 N. Clark to hoist rooftop mechanical units weighing over 9150 lbs to the top of Clark Construction’s new 9- story mixed-use building. The building will feature 90 apartments and 35,000 square feet of retail and office space in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, IL. The 150,000 square-foot building will be clad in a cast stone, metal panel, and curtain wall façade. The building also will feature 40 covered parking spaces. La Grange Crane is proud to help build Chicago’s future with great General Contractors and Subcontractors committed to safety and teamwork!

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