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No job is too big or too small, check out our selection of cranes to find the perfect fit for your project. We have everything from crawler crane rentals to all-terrain cranes. Our fleet of service-ready machinery is perfect for any project, large or small. If you’re searching for “telecrawler rentals near me,” you’re in luck. We’re proud to offer our new crawler cranes! As the number-one crane provider across the country, we continue to meet our customer’s demands by offering only the newest and top-rated heavy machinery they need. From telecrawlers to truck cranes to rough-terrain cranes, and much more, we work hard to supply affordable, top-of-the-line service equipment anytime and anywhere.


La Grange Crane has built a fleet of highly specialized cranes to meet every need. The cranes we have range from carry decks, boom trucks, 550 ton hydro, rough terrain, to conventional cranes. We work with each customer to make sure that they have the right vehicles for the task and the best team to execute it.

Selecting Your Crane

At La Grange Crane, we prefer to be hands-on with our rental process. One of our core competencies is uncovering and addressing potential challenges before a rental takes place.

The first step in the rental process is to determine what equipment you will need for the job. The right equipment will help you complete the job quickly, safely, and economically. When you reach out to our team, we’ll assign a La Grange Crane project manager to work with you directly to select the perfect crane and crane accessories for the task.

Nothing is more important to us than your project going off without a hitch. Working closely with you to plan your project helps us ensure that we provide the right tools and personnel to meet your goals. When possible, we prefer to visit the worksite in person and review the scope of the project. This helps us identify possible problems and come up with solutions before your team gets started.

Our Rental Agreements

At La Grange Crane, we offer competitive crane rental rates in Illinois and across the country. Just like the projects we help our customers tackle, no two rental agreements are exactly the same—each will vary depending on the duration, work type, and equipment you select for the task.

Any additional fees will be presented prior to beginning work, and, depending on complexity, will warrant a conversation. We’re here to walk you through every aspect of your agreement before you sign and ensure that all your questions are answered.

The Versatility You Need

The projects that our customers bring to us come in all shapes and sizes. To make sure we meet their needs, our fleet includes an expansive selection of crane accessories. Most of the cranes in our fleet can be modified with the use of additional boom extensions, jib attachments, and other specific accessories. Your La Grange Crane project manager will help advise you on what accessories will be necessary to specialize your rental for safe and efficient use at the job site.

Professional Operators

La Grange Crane employs a team of highly experienced crane operators to help pull off any kind of job that comes our way. When working with the La Grange team, you can be sure that you have secured some of the most knowledgeable and skilled workers possible. Our entire team maintains up-to-date certifications, ensuring that all standard procedures and safety protocols are followed at the worksite.


Whether your project is big or small, the La Grange Crane team has what it takes to help you get it done. We work with customers in a wide variety of industries, including mechanical, energy, precast concrete, infrastructure, cellular, and of course steel erection. If you’re ready to begin, our team is standing by to discuss the scope of your project and our crane rental rates in Illinois and the rest of the country. Reach out to be put in touch with a La Grange Crane project manager today.

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