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All-Terrain Cranes

When you need serious lifting power in rugged conditions, a high-powered all-terrain crane is your best bet. These vehicles are designed to get to their destination on time, with easy portability thanks to highway-ready wheels. Once on site, all-terrain cranes are designed to stand up to the harsh weather conditions and difficult terrain that stand between your team and a job well done.

Why Your Work Site Needs an All-Terrain Crane

All-terrain cranes offer impressive lifting power in a highly mobile package. With the ability to move quickly on public roads, this type of crane is easy to transport to the work site. If road access is limited at your work site, an all-terrain crane is prepared. These hard-wearing vehicles eagerly take on ground, gravel, sand, and the challenging weather conditions that can make maneuvering difficult for other cranes.

Grove All-Terrain Cranes

Grove all-terrain cranes mark the industry standard for quality manufacturing along with durability and reliability in the field. They deliver the powerful lifting performance that teams the world-over depend on for even the most difficult jobs. La Grange Crane offers a complete selection of Grove AT crane rentals in Illinois to suit every kind of project.

Unmatched Maneuverability

Grove’s patented MEGATRAK® system, used on all Grove AT cranes, offers independent suspension and all-wheel steering for truly unbeatable movability. Unlike other all-terrain cranes, the MEGATRAK® system enables Grove cranes to keep all wheels on the ground at all times. Having all wheels on the ground means that weight and stresses are evenly distributed, ideal for off-road situations.

High-Tech Operations

Grove outfits their all-terrain cranes with fully loaded operating systems, enabling detailed control of the carrier and superstructure functions. A continuous supply of essential operating data—such as engine and transmission functions, diagnostics, warnings, and other codes—are provided to the operator for easy lift planning. Individual control of the cranes’ speed and reaction adjustments help enable a smoother operation.

Transporting Your Crane

Pros know that getting to the jobsite is sometimes half the battle. Grove’s all-terrain cranes are tough enough to get the job done, with added fuel-saving features that you might not expect. Plus, each crane is powered by an environmentally friendly engine that meets both E.P.A. and E.U. emission standards. Upon making it to the site, your team will be relieved to find that installing the removable outriggers and counterweight is easy and convenient.

Contact Us for Crane Rental in Illinois

Are you preparing for an upcoming project that might be too tricky for a standard crane? At La Grange Crane, we provide easy and convenient all-terrain crane rentals in Illinois. If you’re not sure which model will be the ‘right tool for the job,’ our team can help point you in the right direction. Reach out with your crane questions today, or call us to set up a rental appointment.

GroveGMK305550-60 Ton141 ft190 ft79366 lb
GroveGMK306060-65 Ton141 ft190 ft79366.3 lb
GroveGMK4115L 115 Ton197 ft279 ft105700 lb
GroveGMK5165-2165 Ton197 ft311 ft112900 lb
GroveGMK5225225 Ton210 ft331 ft131500 lb
GroveGMK6250L250 Ton230 ft360.9 ft132277 lb
GroveGMK5275275 Ton223 ft 355 ft141000 lb
GroveGMK5250L300 Ton230 ft360.9 ft132277 lb
GroveGMK6300L350 Ton263 ft393 ft158733 lb
GroveGMK7550 550 Ton197 ft443 ft158700 lb
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