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Truck Crane Rental in Chicago

Reliable lifting power that you can take on the road. Truck cranes provide teams from a variety of different industries with serious lifting ability. Not to be confused with ‘truck-mounted’ cranes, truck cranes fuse the movability of a truck with the functionality of a crane, minimizing the set up required before your team can get to work.


While truck cranes are a well-established mainstay of modern construction sites, they’re also popularly used for manufacturing, mining, hauling, and maintenance work. Some truck cranes are put to work in the entertainment industry, assisting film crews with theatrical shots. When heavy materials or equipment needs to be hauled & installed, a dependable truck crane is bound to be your team’s MVP.


The crane experts at La Grange Crane have hand-selected the best crane trucks for projects of all sizes. Our selection includes top models from industry leaders Manitex, Terex, and Grove.


La Grange Crane offers Manitex truck cranes with a max lifting capacity of up to 30 tons, with a maximum boom length of 112 ft. These truck cranes are outfitted with a digital display for quick readings and accurate lifting and placement. All Manitex truck cranes provide advanced safety features to help reduce the risk of an accident happening on site.


Our Terex truck cranes are designed to lift up to 40 tons with a maximum boom length of 94 ft. Terex vehicles deliver on quick positioning and rigging, making it easy for crane operators to buckle in and start lifting. Their ergonomic cabs help keep operators comfortable and productive even over many hours of working.


La Grange Crane offers two high-powered truck cranes from Grove, offering either 40 tons or 115 tons max capacity. Grove’s truck cranes offer a “Work Area Definition System” that enables the operator to define safe working areas before getting started. The comfortable cab is fitted with an acoustical lining, tinted safety glass, and an air-adjustable seat.


If your project is missing a road-ready heavy lifter, contact La Grange Crane for truck crane rental in Chicago. We’re the area’s leading crane experts and can provide you with custom recommendations to suit your project’s needs. Call today to discuss your requirements and we’ll set you up with the perfect crane for the job.


  • Quality manufacturing for reliable performance hour after hour
  • Easy maintenance access and corrosion-protected electrical connectors keep downtime to a minimum
  • Ergonomic cabs provide the comfort that long hours on the job require
Make Model Capacity Boom Length Max Tip Height Vehicle Weight Load Chart Rent Crane
Grove TMS9000E-2 115 Ton 169 ft 254 ft 807486 lb Product Guide Request Info
Grove TMS500-2 40 Ton 102' 154' 50,934 lb Product Guide Request Info
Grove TMS500E 40 Ton 95 ft 146 ft 60000 lb Product Guide Request Info
Terex T340 40 Ton 94 ft 148 ft 60000 lb Product Guide Request Info
Terex T335 35 Ton 94 ft 148 ft 58000 lb Product Guide Request Info
Manitex 30112S 30 Ton 112 ft 168 ft 49680 lb Product Guide Request Info
Manitex 28102S 28 Ton 102 ft 157 ft 56000 lb Product Guide Request Info
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