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Rough Terrain Cranes Illinois

Rough Terrain Cranes

Rent a rugged crane that will keep up with your team. Depending on your industry, working in challenging ground conditions may just be part of the job. Our fleet of rough terrain cranes in Chicago will hold their own when sent to work alongside professional contractors.

Worksite Advantages of Rough Terrain Cranes

If you’re planning work at a job site that’s a little rough around the edges, chances are that a standard crane will not cut it. Rough terrain (RT) cranes are designed with a low center of gravity, improved steering and traction, and oversized tires. Their unique features help them keep up on uneven ground, inclement weather conditions, and other obstacles your team might encounter on a challenging job site.

Grove RT Cranes

Grove is one of the leading manufacturers of RT cranes, creating hard-wearing, dependable machinery that stands up to a variety of different conditions. Ideal for pick-and-carry applications, these cranes feature superb on-rubber operation. Our selection of RT cranes includes capacities ranging from 40–130 tons, with a max boom length of 102–160 ft.

Intelligent, High-Powered, and Convenient

Grove’s RT vehicles deliver incredible lifting power in a streamlined, compact package. Removable front and rear outrigger boxes enable easy transport—both of which can be reinstalled without the use of an assist crane. When it’s time to get to work, let the on-board aide guide the way. The aide’s user-friendly interface helps operators work safely and accurately.

Cabs to Write Home About

These aren’t your typical crane cabs: Grove’s RT cranes stand out with extra glass and tilting abilities, an automotive-style layout, an ergonomic dashboard, and an adjustable steering wheel that tilts and telescopes for a custom fit. The cabs are even outfitted with heat and A/C to keep operators comfortable and focused through tough weather.

Masterful Maneuverability

Our rough terrain cranes in Chicago take on difficult ground with ease thanks to their four-mode steering and driving. Operators can switch from front-only, rear-only, crab, and coordinated modes with ease for precise placement. For areas that need extra control, each RT crane is equipped with both front and read cross-axle differential locks.

Your Go-To for Rough Terrain Cranes in Chicago

The pros at La Grange Crane understand that nothing is more important than doing great work on the job site. We do our part to make the rental process easy so that you can focus on the task at hand. Take a look at the models we offer below and reach out to the La Grange team for specialized recommendations.

GroveRT540E40 Ton 102 ft 154 ft 63438 lb
GroveRT600E 50 Ton 105 ft 162 ft 77037 lb
GroveRT765E-265 Ton 110 ft 214 ft 93327 lb
GroveRT770E 70 Ton 138 ft 221 ft 96812 lb
GroveRT880E 80 Ton 128 ft 232 ft 109035 lb
GroveGRT8100 100 Ton 154.3 ft 239.4 ft 117961 lb
GroveRT9130E-2130 Ton 160 ft 279 ft 173750 lb
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