Crane Rentals in Fort Wayne, IN - Looking for A Crane Company in Indiana?

Crane Rentals in Fort Wayne, Indiana

For more than 50 years, La Grange Crane Service has helped businesses build their futures and upgrade their cities. Although we initially focused solely on steel erection, we’ve expanded our services over the last few decades to serve virtually every need a crane company in Indiana can fill. If you have a heavy lift planned, contact us today to learn how we’re uniquely qualified to help.

We’ve hoisted Christmas trees, cell towers, telescopes, and almost anything else you can imagine. No job is too big or small. In fact, we like to remind clients that lifting their load into place is just a small step of the process. Planning the lift, obtaining permits, coordinating with the on-site team, and building/disassembling the crane can all take far more time than the lift itself.

Many of our clients have mentioned that it can be difficult to keep track of all of these details when working with other crane companies in Indiana. And all too often, clients fell behind schedule after miscommunications and missing documents forced them to put the lift on hold. We’ve solved these problems via two convenient systems we developed ourselves: Crane Confirmation and Certs & Alerts.

Crane Confirmation consolidates all of the important details of your lift and opens a direct line of communication between contractors, subcontractors, and field teams. Certs & Alerts compliments this, providing easy access to all of the certifications and planning documents necessary to perform your lift.

These one-of-a-kind systems are just two small examples of the attention to detail that’s helped us earn the title of Midwest’s best crane rental company. Of course, our wide range of cranes for rent in Fort Wayne, Indiana helps, too.

Cranes Available for Rent in Fort Wayne, IN

Telehandlers for Rent in Fort Wayne, IN


They may not look like standard cranes, but telehandlers are the most mobile pieces of lift equipment we have to offer. These machines can easily traverse your job site to quickly perform multiple aerial lifts. Our telehandlers offer capacities as high as 12,000 lbs and can carry loads up to 55 ft into the air.

Rough Terrain Cranes

With capacities more than ten times greater than those of our telehandlers, rough terrain cranes are powerhouses contained in a relatively small form factor. As the name suggests, RT cranes move easily over uneven ground. And with boom arms stretching out as much as 160 ft, they’re fully capable of handling most lifts.

Rough Terrain Cranes Rent in Fort Wayne, IN
Truck Cranes for Rent in Fort Wayne, IN

Truck Cranes

Truck cranes, also known as boom trucks, stand apart from the above-mentioned cranes thanks to their ability to travel on public highways. As a result, truck cranes can travel to and from your job site without an additional transport vehicle. Boom trucks also feature a moderately sized flatbed, which can be used to transport loads to or from the lift site. With booms as long as 169 ft and capacities as great as 115 tons, truck cranes are an excellent option for all but the largest lifts.

All-Terrain Cranes

For the largest lifts, there’s no better option than an all-terrain crane. Some of these marvels of engineering feature boom lengths that span almost the full length of a football field. Plus, multiple axels, heavy frames, and optional counterweights make it possible for them to handle loads up to 550 tons. And like truck cranes, our all-terrain fleet is also street legal.

All-Terrain Cranes for Rent in Fort Wayne, IN

Need Crane Service in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Trust La Grange

With decades of experience, exclusive organizational and communication systems, and a diverse fleet of cranes, La Grange Crane Service should be your only choice when it comes to crane rentals in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In addition to all of the benefits outlined above, we also provide unmatched lift plans for every job. Making sure we know each precise movement the crane will make to complete your project ensures that we can do so safely and efficiently. By considering every detail, our lift plans have actually been awarded back-to-back Lift Plan of the Year awards from 3D Lift Plan, the standard planning program in our industry.

So if you want to work with an award-winning crane company in Indiana, reach out to us today for a project quote. You can do so right here on our website or by calling us at 708-354-3452.


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Frequently asked questions

What to look for when sizing up your next crane:

What type of equipment do I need?

Type of equipment can vary from project to project. Equipment is influenced by site restrictions, unit weight, distances, and overall project scope. La Grange Crane Service Project Managers are experts in all things crane and will help provide the perfect equipment to complete your project as safe and efficient as possible.

La Grange Crane is home to a wide variety of lifting solutions for all applications. Our comprehensive fleet includes: Mobile Cranes, All Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes, Carry Decks, Telehandlers, and Man Lifts.

Crane size is determined by three variables: Load Weight, Load Distance, and Load Elevation.

Every construction site offers a new set of challenges. We recommend you connect with a La Grange Crane Service Project Manager to evaluate your project. Our team’s experience can help identify additional variables that can influence crane size.

We need Project location, Project Duration, Heaviest Load, and Farthest pick

Crane Cost can vary by equipment type, equipment size, and duration. We recommend you connect with a La Grange Crane Service Project Manager to review your project scope for reliable and accurate pricing.

Equipment Rental duration is dependent on project scope and can vary from daily, weekly, monthly and beyond.

La Grange Crane Service is signatory with Union Local 150. Our experienced crane operators have decades of field experience. We also provide an array of bare rental equipment to meet our customer’s project needs

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We prefer to meet clients on site to review project scope to identify, address, and overcome unique site obstacles. Site familiarity by our Project Management teams allows La Grange Crane to put field operators in a position to arrive on site, informed, ready to perform a crane lift as safely as possible.

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We do our best to honor all pricing provided within La Grange Crane’s Terms & Conditions. We recommend you reach out to a La Grange Crane Service Project Manager with changes in scope or timeline to ensure your pricing is up to date.

La Grange Crane is open 24/7. Our comprehensive fleet makes availability around your schedule a top priority.

Let La Grange Crane Service’s leading industry technology and experienced Project Management team be your source of information. Reach out to our team for a call/email/meeting to review your project scope.