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Crane Rentals in Madison, WI

Since 1980, La Grange Crane Service has helped businesses and cities develop. As premier project partners, we’ve supplied industrial cranes, heavy lifting equipment, and professional operators to job sites around Wisconsin, helping cities expand. We’re proud to deliver these affordable, high-quality crane rentals to Madison, the state’s capital.

As a professional crane company, we handle large and small projects with incredible attention to detail, transparency, and affordability. Long before our cranes ever make it to your job site, we carefully plan out every aspect of the lift. We determine the precise location where the crane will sit, and chart out every movement it will make to ensure it carries the load safely and securely.

We’re also proud to announce that 3D Lift Plan, the industry-standard planning tool, has recognized our planning excellence on multiple occasions. Most recently, they’ve honored us with their Lift Plan of the Year for 2018 and 2020 awards in their bi-annual competition.

With all that said, look at our top-level service cranes and equipment to find the one you need to finish your project.

Cranes Available for Rent

We have various heavy equipment suitable for every project. Telehandlers, all-terrain cranes, truck cranes, you name it. When you’ve found the one you need, call our Project Management Team at 708-354-3510 for rental prices.

Telehandlers for Rent in Madison, WI


If you’re searching for forklift rentals in Madison, WI, consider a telehandler instead. Renting a forklift is costly and limits your functionality. On the other hand, telehandlers offer more reach than a forklift and can provide more maneuverability than a full-sized crane.

Telehandlers are great for projects when you need something smaller but have an impressive carrying capacity. Operators can move around the job site and position equipment exactly where it needs to be.

Rough-Terrain Cranes

For larger loads, a rough-terrain crane provides the mobility and lift capacity to get the job done. Their wide wheelbase and low-profile designs keep the center of gravity low, while outriggers add even more stability. Although most can’t legally travel down public roads, they handle off-road job sites effortlessly.

Rough Terrain Cranes for Rent in Madison, WI
Truck Cranes for Rent in Madison, WI

Truck Cranes

Truck cranes transport large loads, similar to a flat-bed semi-truck. Rather than relying on additional machinery to lift or lower those loads off the bed, truck cranes offer an all-in-one solution. Additionally, their design allows us to complete simple lifts and get out of your hair in less time than it might take to set up a crane for bigger jobs.

All-Terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes are the pinnacle of mobile cranes. Capable on uneven ground while still providing lift capacities exceeding 500 tons on some models, it’s hard to find a crane better than that. Did we mention that all-terrain cranes have booms that stretch hundreds of feet into the air? Almost nothing is out of their reach.

All-Terrain Cranes for Rent in Madison, WI
Truck Cranes for Rent in Peoria, IL


Are you looking for a boom lift rental in Madison, WI? We added a new crane to our fleet reaching new heights: telescopic crawler cranes. Also called mini crawler cranes, these machines use two large crawler tracks for smooth operability on the worksite. There’s no more fuss trying to find additional outriggers or support cranes, as the telecrawler can set up and tear down by itself.

Not to mention, their automatic boom rises and lowers to your desired lift height. With the new telecrawler, your job site has never been more efficient.

Need Crane Service? La Grange Crane Can Help

At La Grange Crane Service, there’s no job we can’t handle. But we know you have options for crane service in Madison, so here are some ways we go above and beyond for our clients.

As professionals, we leave nothing to chance. In addition to planning the lift, we meticulously chart the crane’s path to and from your worksite. To do so, we secure all necessary permits for safe travel. Once the crane reaches its destination, we coordinate setup and breakdown to ensure everything goes smoothly.

In addition to our extensive planning, we also help clients stay organized. We understand planning a lift requires massive amounts of paperwork, so we designed the Certs & Alerts program to make your project hassle-free. Our one-of-a-kind Certs & Alerts system keeps everything you need for the job in one centralized location. It’s another way we strive to be the number-one project partner in the Midwest.

Contact Us Today!

When searching for a trustworthy crane company in Madison, La Grange Crane Service is the only name to know. Call us at 708-354-3510 today to find the highest quality equipment in the city. We’re always available to answer your questions or concerns, whether that’s about rental prices, project details, or something else. La Grange Crane is here to save you time and money so you can focus on finishing the project confidently without delay.


What Specifications Do I Need to Provide for a Quote?

We need the Project location, Project Duration, Heaviest Load, and Farthest pick.

What is Your Availability?

La Grange Crane is open 24/7. Our comprehensive fleet makes availability around your schedule a top priority.

What Areas Do You Serve?

La Grange Crane serves Madison, the rest of Wisconsin, and the United States.


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Frequently asked questions

What to look for when sizing up your next crane:

What type of equipment do I need?

Type of equipment can vary from project to project. Equipment is influenced by site restrictions, unit weight, distances, and overall project scope. La Grange Crane Service Project Managers are experts in all things crane and will help provide the perfect equipment to complete your project as safe and efficient as possible.

La Grange Crane is home to a wide variety of lifting solutions for all applications. Our comprehensive fleet includes: Mobile Cranes, All Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes, Carry Decks, Telehandlers, and Man Lifts.

Crane size is determined by three variables: Load Weight, Load Distance, and Load Elevation.

Every construction site offers a new set of challenges. We recommend you connect with a La Grange Crane Service Project Manager to evaluate your project. Our team’s experience can help identify additional variables that can influence crane size.

We need Project location, Project Duration, Heaviest Load, and Farthest pick

Crane Cost can vary by equipment type, equipment size, and duration. We recommend you connect with a La Grange Crane Service Project Manager to review your project scope for reliable and accurate pricing.

Equipment Rental duration is dependent on project scope and can vary from daily, weekly, monthly and beyond.

La Grange Crane Service is signatory with Union Local 150. Our experienced crane operators have decades of field experience. We also provide an array of bare rental equipment to meet our customer’s project needs

La grange Crane Service is conveniently located at 6180 River Road, Hodgkins, IL 60525

La Grange Crane Services Chicagoland and nationwide

We prefer to meet clients on site to review project scope to identify, address, and overcome unique site obstacles. Site familiarity by our Project Management teams allows La Grange Crane to put field operators in a position to arrive on site, informed, ready to perform a crane lift as safely as possible.

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Yes! Our Project Management team is standing by to provide you with a crane proposal for bid purposes to ensure you have confidence in your crane budget.

We do our best to honor all pricing provided within La Grange Crane’s Terms & Conditions. We recommend you reach out to a La Grange Crane Service Project Manager with changes in scope or timeline to ensure your pricing is up to date.

La Grange Crane is open 24/7. Our comprehensive fleet makes availability around your schedule a top priority.

Let La Grange Crane Service’s leading industry technology and experienced Project Management team be your source of information. Reach out to our team for a call/email/meeting to review your project scope.