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As 2019 draws to a close, Chicago is rolling into the next decade of development on an all-time high.  This year marks the second consecutive year of record-breaking tower cranes within city limits.

After 2018 topped 60 tower cranes, a 400% increase from 2010, momentum carried GCs and subs through an abundance of bid opportunities, groundbreaking ceremonies, and business growth.

Tower cranes bring an immeasurable amount of value to a construction site.  Not necessary a one-size-fits-all, the presence of a tower cranes allows general contractors to create deadlines, forecast scope completion, and contain risk within the fence line.

Every so often, however, comes a large-scale project that doesn’t offer “Tower Crane Convenience.”

5050 N. Broadway is not a new address.  For many years it has played host to dozens of commercial businesses as The Combined Insurance Building.  In 2015, Cedar Street Companies acquired the property for $16 million with a $150 million plan to convert the property to residential real estate.

Cedar Street is no stranger to La Grange Crane.  More recognized by their market-sheik moniker, FLATS has been opening lifestyle–centric apartment buildings all over Chicago.  With fourteen  active properties to date, FLATS penned 5050 N. Broadway as “The Draper” and construction began in Spring of 2018. La Grange Crane last teamed up FLATS in 2018 on Project Spotlight: 30. E Adams, or “The Alfred”, off Downtown’s Adams & Wabash CTA stop.

Absent of Tower Crane Convenience, or TCC for short, general contractor Pepper Construction walked into the conversion project with a slate of awarded subcontractors in need of big things in high places and heavy things in far spaces.

La Grange Crane became involved in the construction of 5050 N. Broadway on day one. With an all-terrain crane fleet of Boom Trucks to 550 Ton Cranes, La Grange was able to collaborate with several trades and keep the project in motion.

The lack of TCC presented Pepper Site Superintendents Dave Tallon and Frank Gomez with a huge responsibility to Pepper Safety Director Dan Ruane. While tower cranes remain in a fixed location and configuration, each mobile crane at The Draper required individual forethought, placement, and unique safety documentation.

Confident in La Grange Crane’s ability to deliver on Pepper Construction safety requirements, La Grange Crane became the go-to crane service on 5050 N. Broadway.  La Grange Crane’s pioneering ‘Certs & Alerts’ technology delivers Crane Inspections, Operator Certifications, Crane Layouts, and 3D Lift Plans on time, every time.

Pairing ‘Certs & Alerts” with La Grange’s experienced project management team takes the hassle out of crane rental.  Pepper Construction’s Critical Lift Document was submitted in advance of La Grange Crane lifts for:

  • Mechanical: Premier Mechanical
  • Rigging: ARS Contracting
  • Amenity Deck: Maverick Pools
  • Masonry: Rasco Mason Contractors
  • Restoration: Skyline Plastering
  • Green Roof: Moore Landscapes

Chatter circulating the construction community has general contractors and subcontractors wondering if 2020 can live up to the immense workload delivered in the last couple years.  A slowdown in new construction might mean a decline in site-friendly tower cranes.

Fortunately, some seasoned GCs and subs know where to find the work.

They don’t need no stinking TCC.

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