4 Types of Mobile Cranes and Industrial Cranes to Know


4 Types of Mobile Cranes and Industrial Cranes to Know

Finding the right crane for your worksite is challenging, given the various types of cranes available. Fortunately, there are four of the best mobile and industrial cranes to know for your worksite.

All-Terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes are the kings of the jobsite. They feature superior mobility and strength, with lifting capacities ranging from hundreds of pounds to tons. Their telescopic booms also reach lengths extending hundreds of feet in the air, providing unmatched height capabilities. All-terrain cranes are street-legal, meaning you drive these heavy-duty machines on and off the road.

Boom Trucks

Also called mobile or truck-mounted cranes, boom trucks provide easy transportability using street-legal tires. The All-Wheel Drive capability ensures optimal performance over rough terrain or when traveling to and from worksites. There’s minimal setup required saving crane operators time and money. Boom trucks feature several attachments, like crane trolley hoists, making them a versatile option for various projects.

Rough-Terrain Cranes

Rough-terrain cranes work as their name suggests: they optimize performance in overall terrain conditions. Sand, snow, dirt, and mud are no match for the resilience and durability of the RT crane’s oversized tires and low center of gravity. Rough terrain cranes can also face inclement weather without sacrificing performance. The cabs have heating and air conditioning in the control system to allow operators maximum comfort no matter the conditions outside.


Lastly, if you need something small and reliable, consider telehandlers. This type of equipment is small and dependable for any project. They provide the functionality and maneuverability of a forklift with the height of a small crane. You can switch out the attachment heads with a bucket, forklift, work platform, or lifting job.

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