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Welcoming the Telescopic Crawler Crane to Our Fleet!

Telescopic Crawler Crane at a Construction Site

La Grange Crane Service is proud to introduce the new telecrawler crane! These cranes are maneuverable, powerful, and reliable for various industries. As the number-one crane rental provider in the country, we’re happy to add another powerful addition to our fleet. With the telecrawler on your job site, you’ll notice tremendous results moving cargo, traveling on rough terrain, and reaching heights hundreds of feet in the air!

What is a Telescopic Crawler Crane?

A telescopic crawler crane, or telecrawler for short, is a type of construction crane that can handle heavy loads and rough terrain. They deliver quick and safe setups without outriggers or mats. Telecrawlers also feature a hydraulic boom for 360-degree pick-up and carrying capability, lower bearing pressure, and compact work dimensions.

Advantages of Telecrawlers

Telecrawlers offer many advantages over other crane options:

  • Adaptable for All Terrains: Telecrawler cranes function similarly to all-terrain cranes. Their long, heavy-duty crawler tracks ensure smooth driveability over uneven terrains. The crane remains stationary while its telescopic boom effortlessly lifts and carries cargo loads without losing balance or strength.
  • Safety and Versatility: Because telecrawlers use hydraulic booms, you can extend or retract the boom while carrying loads on the hook. You can also move around the worksite while the hook carries its load! Inside the crane cabin, you’ll notice ergonomic seating and easy-to-use controls for optimal comfort and safety.
  • All-in-One Performance:Telescopic boom crawler cranes offer tremendous boom lengths and resilience. In a way, they function like a combination of crawler cranes and all-terrain cranes. Unlike these larger cranes, you don’t need an auxiliary crane to set up a telecrawler. You control everything, from set-up to takedown, from one machine.

With precise lifting capacity, safe and secure maneuverability, and adaptability on various terrains on the construction site, telescopic crawler cranes are a high-performer on any construction site. Contact La Grange Service today to secure one for your next project.

Find Telecrawler Rentals Only at La Grange Crane!

La Grange Crane Service is proud to offer our new telecrawler cranes for rent! Call us today at 708-354-3510 for a free quote! We provide affordable, high-quality crane rentals all around the country.

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