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La Grange Crane is Chicago’s fastest growing crane company. Our ongoing growth means we’re always looking for driven young professionals who want to jump start their professional careers. We provide ample opportunities for advancement for hard workers with a penchant for learning. So if you’re committed to your work and want a part in helping our city and our company grow, please reach out to us!

It’s common for people to think of crane operators as the only positions in the crane industry. But there’s a lot more to heavy lifting than the lifting itself. We have a whole team of people working behind the scenes before our cranes ever make it to a job site. If you’re not already in the industry, you’d be surprised at the amount of work it takes “just” to do a bit of heavy lifting.

Like most businesses, sales, customer service, and administrative positions are all key components of what we do. We also rely on the technical expertise of our engineers for planning lifts to ensure the safety of every job site. It takes a village to raise a crane.

Why La Grange?

La Grange Crane is the premier crane rental service in the Chicagoland area. As Chicago’s oldest and proudest crane rental company, we service every type of industry. From transportation to telecommunications, astrophysics to film, wherever there’s a need for cranes, we’ll be there. The diversity of our projects provides an exciting work environment and gives us a behind the scenes look at some of the most innovative technology of our time.

What began as a small venture in 1964 has grown to an all-encompassing fleet of boom trucks to 550 ton all terrain cranes. Today, La Grange Crane works hand in hand with Chicago’s largest General Contractors and Subcontractors and is growing rapidly. From the heavy civil side to Chicago’s growing Skyline, La Grange Crane does the heavy lifting.

If your job search has you interested in crane careers, we want to hear from you! Please attach your resume below and take up to 250 words to tell us a little about yourself and let us know what will make you the next big thing at La Grange.


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    Frequently asked questions

    What to look for when sizing up your next crane:

    What type of equipment do I need?

    Type of equipment can vary from project to project. Equipment is influenced by site restrictions, unit weight, distances, and overall project scope. La Grange Crane Service Project Managers are experts in all things crane and will help provide the perfect equipment to complete your project as safe and efficient as possible.

    La Grange Crane is home to a wide variety of lifting solutions for all applications. Our comprehensive fleet includes: Mobile Cranes, All Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes, Carry Decks, Telehandlers, and Man Lifts.

    Crane size is determined by three variables: Load Weight, Load Distance, and Load Elevation.

    Every construction site offers a new set of challenges. We recommend you connect with a La Grange Crane Service Project Manager to evaluate your project. Our team’s experience can help identify additional variables that can influence crane size.

    We need Project location, Project Duration, Heaviest Load, and Farthest pick

    Crane Cost can vary by equipment type, equipment size, and duration. We recommend you connect with a La Grange Crane Service Project Manager to review your project scope for reliable and accurate pricing.

    Equipment Rental duration is dependent on project scope and can vary from daily, weekly, monthly and beyond.

    La Grange Crane Service is signatory with Union Local 150. Our experienced crane operators have decades of field experience. We also provide an array of bare rental equipment to meet our customer’s project needs

    La grange Crane Service is conveniently located at 6180 River Road, Hodgkins, IL 60525

    La Grange Crane Services Chicagoland and nationwide

    We prefer to meet clients on site to review project scope to identify, address, and overcome unique site obstacles. Site familiarity by our Project Management teams allows La Grange Crane to put field operators in a position to arrive on site, informed, ready to perform a crane lift as safely as possible.

    Call or Email or submit a contact form Here

    Yes! Our Project Management team is standing by to provide you with a crane proposal for bid purposes to ensure you have confidence in your crane budget.

    We do our best to honor all pricing provided within La Grange Crane’s Terms & Conditions. We recommend you reach out to a La Grange Crane Service Project Manager with changes in scope or timeline to ensure your pricing is up to date.

    La Grange Crane is open 24/7. Our comprehensive fleet makes availability around your schedule a top priority.

    Let La Grange Crane Service’s leading industry technology and experienced Project Management team be your source of information. Reach out to our team for a call/email/meeting to review your project scope.